Research volunteers sought for “Reducing Meal Waste in Aviation” project
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Research volunteers sought for “Reducing Meal Waste in Aviation” project

YOU Fangzhou is looking for participants for her PhD research. The study aims to explore solutions for airline food waste issues. You will be invited to participate in an online workshop (around 1-1.5h). During the online workshop we will be exploring ideas for reducing airline food waste-in a creative way! So please join us and share your brilliant ideas!

You are encouraged to join this study if you:
Aged 18 or over
Consider yourself eco-conscious
Have access to meeting applications (such as MS Teams, Zoom and VooV)
Have access to (no registration required)

You are eligible if any of the following apply:
Have experience of airline catering (as passengers) or
Have expertise in service design, sustainable design or consumer behaviour (as design practitioners)

If you are interested, please contact or sign up via

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