Sustaining Inclusive Design Virtual Symposium
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Sustaining Inclusive Design Virtual Symposium

Sustaining Inclusive Design

Virtual Symposium

(25-26 September 2020)




Day 1 Friday 25th September 2020

[The time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)]

Inclusive Design: Research, practice, and education


Symposium Opening: Prof. Dr. Handan İnci Elçi

Rector of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Introduction of the Symposium Programme by the Organisation Committee


Keynote speech (invited talk 1) (8:45-9:30): Prof. P John Clarkson,
University of Cambridge
“From engineering to inclusive design and back again – a virtuous circle”


Invited talk 2 (9:30-10:00): Prof. Helle Marie Skovbjerg,
Design School Kolding
“ ‘Can I join in?’ – Designing for an Inclusive Play Environment”


Session Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam Selami Çifter

Department of Industrial Design,

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Break (30 mins) + Introduction of “Evolving Inclusive Design” film


Invited talk 3 (10:30-11:00) Prof. Daniel Charny, Kingston University London

“Responding to real world challenges through co-creative fixing”


Invited talk 4 (11:00-11:30) Prof. Julia Cassim, Kyoto Institute of Technology

“Using an inclusive co-design process to transform and evolve sheltered

workshops into viable, integrated social enterprises”

Break (15 mins)


Invited talk 5 (11:45-12:15) Prof. Serpil Acar, Loughborough University

“Safety and inclusive design for pregnant women”


Session Moderator: Ms Sharon Cook,

Senior Lecturer, School of Design and Creative Arts

Loughborough University


Break (15 mins)


Invited talk 6 (13:00-13:30 subject to change) Prof. Ann Heylighen,

KU Leuven

“Inclusive design as a deliberative enterprise”


Break (15 mins)


Invited talk 7 (13:45-14:15) Prof. Patrick Jordon,

Middlesex University London

“Narration Ergonomics – products, Services and Self-Identity”


Keynote (Invited talk 8) (14:15-15:00) Ms. Valerie Fletcher,

 Institute for Human Centered Design

“Using the Potent Policy Platform of the WHO Contextual Definition of Disability to Affirm the Power of Design”


Session Moderator: Professor Hua Dong,

Head of Brunel Design School
Brunel University London

Day 2 Saturday 26th September 2020

Sustaining Inclusive Design through Co-Design Platforms (SIDe)


Accessibility and Inclusive Design from Local Government Perspective

Keynote (Invited talk 9) (8.30-9.15): Atty. Turan Hançerli,

Mayor of Avcilar Municipality


Break (15mins)


Invited talk 10 (09.30-10.00): Ebubekir Gündoğdu (M.Arch), Istanbul Metropolitan City, Accessibility Unit of Superstructure Projects Directorate

“Accessible Istanbul for All”


Invited talk 11 (10.00-10.30) Yaşar Adanalı – Center for Spatial Justice

“Inclusive Design with the Spatial Justice Approach”


Session Moderator: Prof. Dr. Sema Ergönül

Department of Architecture

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Break (30mins)


NGO Forum on Inclusive Design

Introduction of SIDe Project (11.00-11.15)

Partner NGO Presentation 1 (11:15-11:45): Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds / Experiences and reflections on the SIDe Project involvement

Partner NGO Presentation 2 (11:45-12:15): Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey / Experiences and reflections on the SIDe Project involvement


Break (15 mins)


Invited talk 13 (12.30-13.00) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saadet Aytıs, Merve Kılıç (İZEV), Hakan Kural (İZEV)

Istanbul Education and Solidarity Foundation for Mentally Handicapped

“Designing the inclusive life”


Session Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Şenay Çabuk

Department of Interior Architecture

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Break (15 mins)


A University-NGO collaboration example: MFA-300 Social Responsibility

Practices Course of MSFAU

Introduction of the “MFA-300 Social Responsibility Practices” course (13:15-


Students’ project presentations (13.25-14.00):

“Touch with me” (museum for all)

“Helper” (kitchen for all)

“Accessible Shopping” (shopping for all)


Break (15 mins)


Students’ project presentations (14.15-15.00):

“This way” (transportation for all)

“Protective surface” (kitchen for all)

“Accessible areas, independent lives” (independent access)

“Route for everyone” (participation in public life)


Session Moderator: Dr. Aylin Ayna

Department of Architecture

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

The symposium is sponsored by the British Council’s Newton Fund through its UK-Turkey Research Environment link grant on ‘Sustaining inclusive design collaboration through co-design platforms’. The partners are Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Loughborough University.


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